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Scott Kildall

Scott Kildall employs a wide variety of technology-based approaches to projects ranging from video installations and projections to sound architecture and electromechanical sculpture. Scott’s sophisticated use of technology is counterbalanced by his subtle exploration on the themes of dislocation, transition and emotional upheaval. His most recent project titled Paradise Ahead is based on his interest in Second Life, an online community where participants create avatar personas that populate a virtual 3-D world. Scott treats Second Life as a social space for the recreation of landmark performance art events such as Chris Burden waiting to be shot, Yves Klein leaping into the void and Yoko Ono having her dress cut away one piece at a time. The Second Life project is realized with a series of digital prints created at Kala. Scott recently moved to the Bay Area after receiving his MFA in Art & Technology Studies from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. His work has been presented at the Academy of Fine Arts in Helsinki and the Gosia Koscielak Gallery in Chicago in addition to local venues including the San Jose Museum of Art, Mission 17 and The Lab in San Francisco.