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Sean McFarland

Sean McFarland works in a variety of photographic processes that examine our relationship to the landscape with particular attention on alterations to the urban environment including the construction of buildings, roads and parks. Presented in the exhibition are works from Pictures of the Earth, a photographic series created from an extensive archive of landscape images. These images include original photographs created by the artist plus landscapes found in print and collected from the Internet. The source photographs are re-photographed and assembled into visually mysterious composite images that are presented as intimately scaled Polaroids. Sean was honored with a 2009 Baum Award to Emerging American Photographers that included an exhibition at SF Camerawork. He was the recipient of the James D. Phelan Award in Photography in 2005. His work has been presented at White Columns in New York, San Jose Museum of Art, Marx and Zavattero Gallery and Eleanor Harwood Gallery.