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Stephanie Syjuco

Stephanie Syjuco’s recent works are influenced by an eclectic combination of speculative fiction, Afro-Futurism, product piracy and concerns about global power structures. Stephanie will be presenting several new works that explore self-created “fictions” including The Village (Small Encampments), an eight minute slide projection work that blurs the boundaries between the domestic home and the idea of exotic homeland by using tiny cutout images downloaded from the internet. The tiny images are inserted into her own living space and photographed as a means to examine the ambivalence in how one can be both complicit and participatory in what they seek to critique. Born in Manila, Stephanie lives in the Bay Area and has an extensive resume of international exhibitions. Most recently her work has been seen at the Mills College Art Museum, Southern Exposure, PS1 in New York and University Studios Gallery in Beijing, China.