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Su-Chen Hung

Su-Chen Hung also works in a variety of processes, yet is most well known for her contemplative labor-intensive site-specific installations. Hung’s simple and elegant works are structured around both conceptual and visual concerns, and serve to examine personal aspects of cultural and social subject matter. Her most recent work, Red Trace, explores the historical background of the Kala Art Institute’s print studio located in a former Heinz ketchup factory. Working with red (ketchup colored) sewing thread and sewing needles, Hung uses printing techniques to leave traces or marks on the walls of the gallery. The marks serve the function of extending the actual physical space of the gallery while investigating aspects of the previous identity of the Heinz building. Originally from Taiwan, Su-Chen Hung studied Chinese Literature before moving to the Bay Area where she received her MFA in Filmmaking from the San Francisco Art Institute. She has an extensive resume of international exhibitions, public art projects, residencies, grants and awards. An installation titled Meandering was presented earlier this year in Taipei.