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tamara suarez porras

tamara suarez porras is an artist, writer, and educator from south Brooklyn, NY and currently based in the San Francisco Bay Area. tamara explores the fluid relationships of time, memory, and history through a photo-conceptual, research-centric practice. Her work in the exhibition that which we cannot ever expect to see  is a series of poetic assemblages that consider photography’s relationship to the universe. It questions “What does it mean to remember, to know something we have seen yet never encountered with our bodies? How might we get closer to knowing the unknowable?” Each print in the series begins with the arrangement of vernacular images of photographic processes and the cosmos collected from magazines, books, and scientific texts, then printed in the darkroom with digital negatives. These  images meditate on the impossible physical relationship to galactic bodies of unfathomable scale and at impossible distances, yet able to be held by the hand through the photographic object.