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Terry Berlier

Terry Berlier is an interdisciplinary artist who creates sound sculpture and installations that are both kinetic and interactive. Her work often focuses around everyday objects, ideas of nonplace/place and queer practice. Terry will be presenting Remain Human: The Slatter’s Court Project, a 43 minute video that documents the lives of residents in an outdated auto camp that has been designated “blight” by the liberal town of Davis, California. Also included in the exhibition is NFS, an interactive video installation that explores the lives of a San Francisco lesbian couple from the 1930’s. A key element of the work is a set of window shutters that open and close in relationship to the viewer. The fluctuating movement of the shutters either reveals or obscures vintage lesbian porn and an alternate film loaded with latent homoerotic undercurrents. Terry received the 2008 New Visions of California Award that provided a residency at the Exploratorium. Her work has been presented in numerous national and international exhibitions. Terry is currently a Professor of Sculpture at Stanford University.