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Zohra Opoku

To draw an outline on my planed time at Kala, it may be a mission where I can connect the excellent practicality of the institute with my artists needs. After a production and exhibiting of works the reflecting, rethinking and documentation becomes a more important part on artist practises.  Focusing on that I want to create a publication in a free and experimental process without a script, which can help me to reconsider methods and outcome related to my research and observing practices in West-Africa. It may review projects, not only representing finished works, also showing the evolution and improvement within the last years. Finally this strategy will assist me to bring diversity on projects on one table and discuss it with myself, eventually share it with other fellows and have something like a conclusion, but also a starting point for future works.

Zohra Opoku (b.1976) work spans the medium of textile and fashion objects, textile and wooden installations, photography, video and street intervention. Aesthetic statements through textile and fashion culture related to African history, trends and movements between Africa and its diaspora are her subjects of interest. Zohra always directed her practise in exploring facts of the development of healthy identities. Her need is to create awareness of the important role, which clothes and fabric with their trends & traditions play in shaping the identity of a person, and a society.

Her Afro-German background brought her home to her father Ghanaian culture. Reflecting experiences in Germany as a Ghanaian and in Ghana as German let her include in her work postcolonial history and memories. Zohra is living and working in Accra, supported by the Foundation of Contemporary art Ghana.