Residency Experience

At Kala, Artists-In-Residence (AIRs) work in a productive and professional communal studio alongside other working artists. It is a self-driven experience and artists share equipment, space, ideas, and techniques while working side by side in the studio. Artists bring their own consumable supplies (paper and ink). Kala’s print studio, digital media lab, darkroom, and project spaces are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year and do not close. Resident artists have their own keys and are welcome to use the studio whenever they choose as long as it abides by the terms of their contract.

To begin, artists accepted into the AIR program are scheduled for a 1, 2, or 3 month, full time or part time contract. Each residency begins with an orientation to the studio and digital lab and overview of the program. In addition to keys, all artists receive their own onsite storage, a Kala handbook, and inclusion in Kala community exhibitions and events. And while in residence, all Kala artists receive a 20% discount on an unlimited number of art classes and workshops.

Please note: Kala now offers limited housing; Kala has two, two bedroom fully furnished apartment located catty-corner to Kala’s facilities. Housing is limited (4 artist-in-residence each month) and adds an additional $1,200 to artist residency contracts. Meals are not included. For artists temporarily moving to the Bay Area for the residency, please be aware that if our limited housing is not available, housing arrangements will be your responsibility. We will do our best to make suggestions and find referrals, but the Bay Area can be expensive and sometimes the housing market can be difficult.

Learn more on our FAQ pdf