The Bay Area Youth Storytelling Project

Kala Art Institute and Youth UpRising are excited to collaborate on a series of free youth workshops in 2021-2022.

Together we have launched a youth storytelling project aimed at creating a unique vision of the Bay Area and its residents living in Oakland, San Leandro, Alameda, Hayward, and Berkeley. Through group workshops and exhibitions, youth will work with professional artists to develop and share their personal and community stories, highlighting the grit and resilience it takes to live in the Bay Area, especially in some of the most under-served communities in California. Youth will create portfolios of their artwork to share on social media, exhibit at a community/gallery space, and launch a public art presentation to speak to those who are still there thriving.

David Lee

In Reel Time: Intro to Digital Storytelling

Instructor: David Lee
Date: March 10- May 26, 2021, Wed, 3-5pm (OPEN ENROLLMENT)
Ages: 13-24 years old

Students will participate in workshops led by a professional artist, Kala Lead Teaching Artist David Lee. Students will learn and develop an understanding of  the fundamentals of Digital Photography and Digital Storytelling. They’ll learn basic photo editing skills, engage in creating writing exercises, and explore various themes related to the Bay Area. While building their visual and literacy skills, students will create a digital portfolio of images/text that will be exhibited online via social media of their choice. Students will share their stories to the world! Youth participants will receive a stipend.

David Lee is an African-American, Oakland based photographer and writer. David has work in social and human services for over 10 years teaching young people art, life skills, and wellness practices. During that time, David has worked on photography projects that center around the culture and development of Oakland through portraiture and street photography. David is the co-founder of Negus in Nature which works to increase the representation of Black people in outdoor spaces and create access points to explore outdoor activities. He is an avid rock climber, backpacker, and alpinist. David’s current work centers around sanctuary and healing spaces in the midst of societal shift. Check out his photographs on his instagram @d.xoti.


To register for the workshops and for more information about Youth UpRising, contact Terrance Tallie, Multimedia Production Manager at or or send a direct IG message to @youthuprising.

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