More Auction Items

Gift Certificates for Art Supplies, Classes, Services
American Frame – SOLD
Artist & Craftsman Supply – SOLD
Bullseye Resource Center – SOLD
Flax Art & Design – SOLD
Galleria Scola
Hiromi Paper – SOLD

Books, Clothing, Heath & Wellness
Bhakti Massage – SOLD
Coming to My Senses, by Alice Waters – SOLD
Creative Services Coaching
Crown Point Press – SOLD
Energy Matters – 21 Day Cleanse – SOLD
Energy Matters – Acupuncture Facial Rejuvenation
Energy Matters – Acupuncture Treatment
Jean Nelson Hair at Salon Darya
Logo Removal Service – Yellow & Blue Striped T – SOLD
Logo Removal Service – Light Blue T-Shirt – SOLD
MAC – Modern Appeal Clothing- SOLD
People I’ve Loved – SOLD

Special Items
Box of Jewels– SOLD
Erica Tanov dress, drawing by Jessica Abbott-Williams – SOLD
Gilman District Gift Bag – SOLD
Logo Removal Service – Custom Tailored T-Shirt – SOLD
Logo Removal Service – Navy Blue w/ Stripes – SOLD
Midcentury Mobler – Pair of Walnut Tables– SOLD
St. George Spirits – Special Edition Poster – SOLD

Donum Estate, The Explorer Experience for 4 – SOLD
Dumpling making Class for 6 by Henry Hsu of Oramasa Dumplings – SOLD
Film to Table Dinner for 2 at Babette, BAMPFA
A week in Paris on /rue St. Honore, donated by Jim Dumas, brother-in-law to Kala Board member Larry Chaset
Weekend Retreat at Sue Kubly’s Sonoma County Vacation Home

*To learn more about experiences or to place a bid, email