Beach Scene - t.w.five

Beach Scene Video Projection (Museum Goers series), 2018
Hand-cut vinyl on panel, 40 x 48″, Framed

Market Value: $6,500

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t.w.five began in 2009 as a collaboration between two artists, both of whom had been working under pseudonyms: one as “t.w.” and one as “five.” Combining their aliases and their strengths, they chose to work with a fresh medium: hand-cut strips of adhesive-backed vinyl. The material is bold, graphic, and layerable, and builds upon the artists’ backgrounds while propelling them into new terrain.

Beach Scene, Video Projection is part of a series that depicts museum or art fair visitors gazing at ordinary events as though they were artworks. Playing with scale and perspective is at the heart of t.w.five’s work and by enlarging the beach scene to the size of a traditional history painting they elevate the subject matter and blur the lines between art and daily life.