Isca Greenfield-Sanders

GreenfieldSanders - Siri M copy

Isca Greenfield-Sanders
Golden Parachute, 2008
Color Aquatint and Gold Leaf
23.75 x 22″, Framed
Courtesy of Paulson Fontaine Press
Framing Courtesy of Sterling Fine Art Services

Market Value: $2,850

LIVE AUCTION!  Join us and bid by buying a ticket for our April 6 gala. Bid sheets are also up at the gallery if you would like to visit and place a bid in advance.  Or you can contact for a proxy bid form.

Isca Greenfield-Sanders is a landscape painter and printmaker whose idyllic depictions of anonymous subjects are based on found vintage photography.  Using the old pictures as a starting point, she creates several iterations of each image, which she alters with pencil and watercolor, and finally paints over with oil, or in the case of Golden Parachute, covers with gold leaf.  Her meticulous reconsideration of found images is related to her assertion that memories are approximations, stories that we shape and re-tell.

Solo exhibitions of Isca Greenfield-Sanders’ paintings and prints have been mounted internationally. This work is in the collection of the Achenbach Foundation, a Fine Art Museum of San Francisco.


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